• Substantial reduction of mechanical and manual tasks that more time can be dedicated to analysis. Our goal is for 80% of the time to be spent on analysis, while reducing time spent on manual processes to 20%; typically these percentages are inverted before the implementation of our solutions.

  • We provide a solid foundation for analysis of current and historical data together with KPIs and forecasted information to ensure decision makers have all of the elements they need.

  • A single version of the truth, instead of multiple spreadsheets.

  • Ensure consolidated financial statements are available on the fifth day after the end of the month.

  • Establish a constant planning exercise and planning culture through a Rolling Forecast process with a constant horizon of 12 months forecasted.

  • Dramatically reduce manual information errors, implementing processes, task lists and security profiles that together resolve these situations.

  • We implement consolidation solutions that become critical when the company is located in multiple geographic locations and is listed on different stock exchanges and must be SOX compliant.

  • We progressed from top management information that was periodically reviewed in paper to a systemized solution via tablets and other mobile devices with access to a central analysis database, allowing users to navigate from general information to a more detailed view, necessary for successful business decision making.