CIS Consulting

  • We are experts in EPM and BI solutions

  • CIS Consulting

    Experts in developing information models, with over 25 year experience on EPM and BI tools.

Consultora en Sistemas de Información. Expertos en elaborar modelos de información. Especializados en EPM y BI con más de 25 años de experiencia.

CIS Consulting

Experts in developing information models,
with over 25 years of experience with EPM and BI tools.

We are experts in modeling processes of Planning and Financial Consolidation, Business Intelligence and Data Management that form part of the ambit of EPM (Enterprise Performance Management) and BI (Business Intelligence) solutions.

To achieve this, our highly trained professionals use cutting edge tools to implement their technical, business and project management skills.

We have provided service in Europe from our offices in Barcelona and Madrid, since 2088, successfully developing projects with leading companies in various sectors:

Consumer Goods, Retail, Pharmaceutical, Banking-Financial, Communication & Media, Energy, Automotive, Aviation, Construction, Telecommunications, Education & Research, among others.

We have international scope and experience with presence in various countries, including: Spain, Mexico, Brazil, Colombia and The United States.

We have a network of more than 200 consultants trained and certified in technology tools in both EPM and BI, and also with knowledge and certification in project management (PMP) and implementation methodologies.

25 years of experience implementing the finest practices in EPM and BI
A wide network of certified professionals in technology tools and project management
More than 400 customers worldwide support us
Proven results in more than 700 projects


We are experts in EPM and BI solutions

Business Consultancy

  • We help to implement the best practices in business processes related to EPM, BI and data management.
  • We apply the most appropriate definition of metrics and KPIs according to the reality and complexity of the business and industry of our customers.
  • We create dashboards with cutting edge methodologies such as Balanced Scorecard to provide a complete business overview from the financial, customer, internal processes and learning perspectives.

BI Business Intelligence

  • We systematize the Key Performance Indicators (KPI).
  • We build databases with metrics and perspectives according to the process to be modeled.
  • We design analysis dashboards and information overviews from a business perspective.

EPM Performance Management

  • We specialize in:
    • Financial Planning, Budgeting, Forecasting, Strategic and Operational Planning.
    • Financial and Analytical Consolidation.
    • Profitability calculation and analysis.
  • We automate analytical reporting.

DM Data Management and Data Quality

  • We integrate data from any source to any destination.
  • We transform data into useful, clear and refined information.
  • We generate data and catalog standardization strategies.
  • We improve data quality.


Custom methodology for monitoring the entire lifecycle of the project

  • We have our own methodology based on 25 years of the best practices in multiple projects in different industries and sectors with proven results.
  • We offer a differentiated technical methodology and project management follow-up.
  • Our custom process includes highlights and stages to allow a quick start and resource integration.
  • Our methodology has been approved by and meets the standards of manufacturers (in the technical branch) and by the PMI (in the project management branch).
  • We provide a use forecast of the solution to achieve the least impact in maintenance and performance once the solution is implemented.
  • Generates active participation by our customer in all stages.

Direct benefits are the clear result:

  There are few if any deviations.

  Implementation risks are minimized.

  It is efficient in terms of costs and resources.

  Results and benefits are ensured within an established deadline, as well as in the future use of the solution.

Our Value

Besides working with our own methodology for monitoring the entire lifecycle of the project, we offer six decisive fundamental features that increase the success of our solutions

Our Team

Our work teams are composed of specialists

Project Manager


Consultant with experience and knowledge in project management, directly responsible for the success and quality of the project.

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Solution Architect


Specialist in the technical aspects of our solutions, and is also responsible for designing the solution, and ensuring technical quality.

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Technical consultant


The developer is responsible for fulfilling the requirements of the solution according to the specifics of the design made by the architect.

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Business Consultant

Definition and analysis

Participates at the express request of our customers, when it is necessary to define a business process following the best practices.

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We are a certified partner in the most widely used solutions for Financial Close (FC) and Financial Planning and Analysis (FP&A).

Corporate Performance Management platforms are an integrated and modular set of tools that support a wide range of strategic and financial processes and helps release the potential to build and deploy what is required, allowing companies to be agile and quickly adapt to the changes of their business.
We work with leading and industry-tested technologies, implementing the option that best suits our client’s needs, budget and resources: On Premise for maximum control, Cloud to reduce the total cost of ownership, or a Hybrid model.



  • Substantial reduction of mechanical and manual tasks that more time can be dedicated to analysis. Our goal is for 80% of the time to be spent on analysis, while reducing time spent on manual processes to 20%; typically these percentages are inverted before the implementation of our solutions.

  • We provide a solid foundation for analysis of current and historical data together with KPIs and forecasted information to ensure decision makers have all of the elements they need.

  • A single version of the truth, instead of multiple spreadsheets.

  • Ensure consolidated financial statements are available on the fifth day after the end of the month.

  • Establish a constant planning exercise and planning culture through a Rolling Forecast process with a constant horizon of 12 months forecasted.

  • Dramatically reduce manual information errors, implementing processes, task lists and security profiles that together resolve these situations.

  • We implement consolidation solutions that become critical when the company is located in multiple geographic locations and is listed on different stock exchanges and must be SOX compliant.

  • We progressed from top management information that was periodically reviewed in paper to a systemized solution via tablets and other mobile devices with access to a central analysis database, allowing users to navigate from general information to a more detailed view, necessary for successful business decision making.


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